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Did Hefner revolutionise feminine sexuality, or encourage the degradation of women by constructing them merely as objects of desire?” Now he is dead I would imagine the scores of women he abused will come forward and force his liberal supporters to see him for what he really was – sexist scum of the lowest order.As I was writing this, a flagship news programme asked if I would take part this evening in an item in Hefner’s legacy.“We’re looking to discuss whether he was a force for good or bad."She brings in her creative ideas, gets involved in the photo selection and ends up with something she co-created through and through.” Playboy Enterprises expanded over the years to include television, film, resorts, nightclubs, products, charities and a number of websites. Asked in 2013 how many women he had been with over the years, Hefner told “How could I possibly know? There were chunks of my life when I was married, and when I was married I never cheated. You have to keep your hand in.” In 2011 he told r: “Could I be in a better place and happier than I am today? In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined a sweeter life.” Hefner is survived by his wife Crystal Harris and his four children from previous relationships.On hearing that the pimp and pornographer Hugh Hefner had died this morning, I wished I believed in hell."It's nice to look back on very sweet moments," Hefner told the magazine.

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Prior to that you couldn't run nude pictures without some kind of rationale that they were art.I would imagine that silk pyjama manufacturers are mourning Hefner, but no feminist anywhere will shed a tear at his death.And the liberal leftists that wax lyrical about how Hefner was a supporter of anti-racist struggles should perhaps ask themselves how such a civil rights champion squared this with the millions he made from selling the most vile racism in much of his pornography.Hugh Hefner fondly reminisced on some of the highlights of his unparalleled life and career in what proved to be his final interview — a conversation that took place a year and a half before his death.

The Playboy founder — who died in his home Wednesday at the age of 91 — reflected on the impact of his magazine and opened up about what he enjoyed about growing older as he spoke to People magazine in March 2016.Admitting that he could only orgasm by masturbating to pornography, Hefner was a sexual predator.