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Timing of an impact New findings using high-precision radiometric dating analysis of debris kicked up by the impact now suggest the K-T event and the Chicxulub collision happened no more than 33,000 years apart.In radiometric dating, scientists estimate the ages of samples based on the relative proportions of specific radioactive materials within them.He was forced to resign as Chief Whip in 2012 after calling a Downing Street policeman a ‘f****** pleb’ but has won respect by rebuilding his political career.

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Fifteen Tory MPs – including ex-Chancellor Kenneth Clarke and former Attorney General Dominic Grieve – are set to attempt to block the fixed exit date proposal in a crunch vote next month.[Wipe Out: History's Most Mysterious Mass Extinctions] "We've shown the impact and the mass extinction coincided as much as one can possibly demonstrate with existing dating techniques," researcher Paul Renne, a geochronologist and director of the Berkeley Geochronology Center in California, told Live Science."It's gratifying to see these results, for those of us who've been arguing a long time that there was an impact at the time of this mass extinction," geologist Walter Alvarez at the University of California at Berkeley, who did not participate in this study, told Live Science.The volcanic eruptions behind the Deccan Traps might be one cause of these climate variations.

Rock layers near Jordan, Mont., exposing the level (lower arrow) where the dinosaurs and many other animals and plants went extinct.

Furthermore, as former Chief Whip, Mr Mitchell’s inside knowledge of parliamentary guerrilla tactics – and how the Government tries to keep its MPs in line – would be a vital asset to the dissidents.