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“Rock, Vote & Win” is really educational, and it’s fun for schools. We’re not trying to tell them who to vote for, we’re just telling them to vote. I have to start playing this music." Cabrera put down his electric guitar, abandoned the fast-driving sounds of Caine, and formed a new acoustic-based band called Rubix Groove.With the help of his older brother, the band began playing gigs in and around Dallas, quickly becoming a favorite with audiences.It seemed that his music career would be short-lived, but then the budding singer had a kind of awakening after hearing the music of the Dave Matthews Band.Cabrera was specifically impressed by Matthews's guitar styling, and considered him to be a singer/songwriter with an edge.

Cabrera is this year's mainstream teen pop hero." Ryan Frank Cabrera was born on July 18, 1982, in Dallas, Texas.He formed a band with some buddies — Cabrera got roped into singing — and played gigs around the Dallas area for a few years.He went to college but dropped out after a year to devote himself to music, knowing his voice needed work.His coach turned out to be Jessica Simpson’s instructor, and she recommended to Simpson’s manager-father that he check out Cabrera. We were dating other people when I moved in, but that didn’t work out.

After signing with Joe Simpson, Cabrera landed a recording contract and went to Los Angeles, where he lived with the Simpsons for eight months. AP: I have to ask about your relationship with Ashlee Simpson. Then we got together during my video, and then after that, it was ON. Cabrera: Just like we were before — we’re best friends. The guys in my band said “There’s three of us and one of you so you’re singing.” I was horrible, I was absolutely awful. I was holding up chairs while singing scales to work out my diaphragm. It could be about a girl, or it could be about a pet parakeet. Cabrera: I wanted to be involved with Rock the Vote, but Joe suggested we do our own thing.According to Cabrera they played anywhere and everywhere, from restaurants to fraternity houses to birthday parties.