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Beatrice boards the bus, but Charles is startled by a sign stating "NO RADIOS". Charles would indeed return in the music video for the Daft Punk track "Fresh", which is also from Homework.

As he is unable to turn off his boombox (which is earlier indicated to have a broken/missing volume button) he reluctantly remains at the bus stop, as the bus drives off with Beatrice. In this video, he is an actor shooting scenes for a film set on a beach.

In an interview with Fredrik Strage for Swedish magazine Pop #23, Bangalter revealed that "Da Funk" was made after listening to United States west coast G-funk for weeks: "It was around the time Warren G's "Regulate" was released and we wanted to make some sort of gangsta-rap and tried to murk our sounds as much as possible. We've heard that the drums sounds like Queen and The Clash, the melody is reminiscent of Giorgio Moroder, and the synthesizers sound like electro and thousand of other comparisons.

No one agree with us that it sounds like hip-hop" Bangalter recalled that the kick drum had previously been used in their track "Alive", and they decided to use it a second time.

Although the video has drawn several interpretations, Thomas Bangalter has stated: There's no story. When the day's shoot is over, he discusses techniques with the director and then runs into Beatrice; they have apparently become boyfriend and girlfriend.

It is just a man-dog walking with a ghetto-blaster in New York. People are trying to explain it: Is it about human tolerance? The two make plans to go to a restaurant for dinner. audio commentary, Daft Punk wanted Charles to return in a happier environment, to cheer up fans who saw him in a depressing situation in the "Da Funk" video.

Daft Punk expressed that they wanted to make the album balanced by distributing tracks evenly across each of the four vinyl sides.

But I’m so glad that that’s what he likes; he celebrates who I am.“ Drew had previously been married to Jeremy Thomas and Tom Green and has dated Justin Long, Spike Jonze, Fabrizio Moretti, and Luke Wilson.

Young and wild in Hollywood, Drew spent her teen years troubled and wrapped up in drugs and alcohol.

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