Women prefer dating older men

13-Jan-2018 05:28

Some believe that, younger women go for older men after realizing that the world is not as rosy as it seems, they will resolve to marrying and appreciating the mature men, old enough to be their father.Many are of the view that old men are intelligent and can always engage in deep conversations.She needs to be provided for, her children, alongside with long term security.A female eagle needs all this and will not go for less, and that is why younger women don’t settle for less too.And it's usually women who are looking for fun and want to experiment in their sexual relationships.They prefer younger men because they are more open than and not as rigid as older men.

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However, few still have the knack for younger ones because as some women claim they satisfy them on the bed and can go for as many rounds of sex as they could while the older ones prefer systematic love play.Relationship experts believe that 'cougars' - or women 40 years and above who prefer dating much younger men - are facing stiff competition from their younger counterparts, known as 'cheetahs.' They are essentially women in their 30s who while having a history of dating older men, are now settling for men who are in their 20s or just a few years younger than them.

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